A KDS is the ticket to a smooth kitchen

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The end of lockdowns, quarantine, and social distancing is in sight, but the practices that came along with COVID are here to stay. The popularity of takeout, delivery and curbside pickup is a trend that won’t be disappearing anytime soon. Customers love the convenience and efficiency that comes with ordering food to-go, so it is essential for restaurants to implement practices that serve to be beneficial long term.  These practices are most effective when introduced from the inside-out. That’s why back-end solutions, such as kitchen display systems (KDS) prove to be effective in enhancing consumer experience.


Here are 4 easy ways that KDS that will enhance your customers’ to-go ordering experience and keep them coming back:

1. Real-Time Communication with Customers

 Whether it be through an app, SMS notification or a phone call, communicating with the customer from the start to finish of their order will remove the potential for error and keep them in the loop of the transaction, which will help mitigate any potential impatience a customer might feel. KDS offers the ability to send SMS message notifications to keep customers in the loop, which is possible because of the streamlining capabilities it offers.

2. Organizing orders based on order type

 In organizing orders based on its source, whether it be takeout, delivery, or in-house, your kitchen staff can manage orders based on prep time and when it needs to be ready. Organizing orders is more manageable than ever with the option of color-coding orders that are streamlined to your back-end devices using KDS.

3. Streamlined Communication Between Third Parties

 A major challenge for restaurants is not being organized. Through streamlining orders to be all in one place, the kitchen staff can worry more about producing high quality dishes and less about if all of their orders are accounted for. KDS puts all of your orders- whether they be delivery, to-go or in-house- into one place. 

4. No More Printed Tickets = No More Order Mishaps

 Tickets getting smudged by kitchen grease? Skipping over an order accommodation? Becoming disorganized from too many tickets? Nothing is more annoying for a customer than receiving the wrong order, or a cold meal. For takeout orders and curbside service, this problem becomes even more common with the lack of direct face-to-face communication with customers. With KDS, your orders are all in one place, grease and heat proof, and overall just more effective and convenient.

Technology is the future of restaurant success. Whether it be to organize orders, time production or maintain inventory and customer information, there is no denying the successful path the correct implementation of kitchen software could have on your business. KitchenGo KDS offers various software options to meet your needs, whether it be inventory management, waste reduction or enhancing customer experience, and is compatible with most hardware options.


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