KB9000 Kitchen Display Bump Bar

Elevate your operations with the only 100% customizable touchscreen kitchen display bump bar.

Our latest, touchscreen bump bar is easily customizable to fit any button layout or configuration. It’s our most flexible and durable option.

Bump Bars
Logic Controls KB9000 100% customizable Kitchen Display Bump Bar.
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Your Kitchen, Your Way.

You do you.

Maximize operational efficiency and reduce training time with fully customizable button configurations, labels and colors to fit your unique brand and operations.

It’s simple.  Our user friendly programming software helps you quickly set the desired number of keys, key locations, key dimensions, and key codes that meet your unique requirements.

100% Customizable

10X Tougher

We know equipment takes a lickin’ in the kitchen. That’s why we designed the KB9000 Kitchen Bump Bar to last for more than 30 million touches.

That’s 10 times more than our classic bump bar model.

Strong and Durable
Strong, muscled arm with Logic Controls KB9000 Kitchen Display Bump Bar.

Clean with Ease.

Don’t let grease and grime build up over time.

Our touchscreen Kitchen Bump Bar features a removeable cover to easily keep your screen sanitary and clean.

Safe & Sanitary

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