Why settle for one display when you can have two?

LDX9000X Pole Display
LDX9000X Pole Display
LDX9000X Pole Display

Learn how the LDX9000X benefit your business.

Interested in learning more? Get to know the LDX9000X a bit better, and if its specs meet the needs of your business.

One of the only of its kind on the market, the LDX9000X double-sided pole display is innovative and customizable in design, with the durability and quality post-sale support that comes with all of Logic Controls’ solutions.

This double-sided display is optimal for those looking to mold their peripheral solutions to their specific day-to-day needs. Whether you want to alter display capabilities, the display’s base or the interface it is run on, the option to do so is available.

The LDX9000X has:

  • an adjustable base
  • various interface options
  • a customizable display

With big name grocery chains as long-time customers, this peripheral has proven success in customer-facing environments. 

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LDX900X Double Sided Pole Display