man and woman prepping food in the back end of the kitchen for a meal at a restaurant

The use of technology should not be limited to customer interactions. Adjusting your business’ processes and policies to accommodate tech for your entire restaurant operation is a sure-fire way to ensure success, and with COVID forcing the way that business is conducted, it is better to hop on the tech-train sooner than later.

In this Modern Restaurant Management article, Kari Hensien discusses how this implementation of technology can be done most effectively in all areas of your restaurant, specifically in back-end operations.

 Some of these suggestions include: 

  • Changes in policies, processes, and goals
  • Coach employees in quality management
  • Self-assess at each location
  • Maintain and strengthen supplier relationships
  • Being creative with the budget you have

Through budgeting, strengthening relationships, and ensuring training and quality assessment is available at all levels, a KDS is the simple answer and can be implemented economically.  These suggestions will allow the inevitable transformation into a technology-based operation to be as smooth, streamlined and efficient as possible.

A great way to invest a limited budget into technology is a kitchen display system (KDS). Acting as the brain of the back-end operations, KDS allows your business to effectively streamline orders, reduce waste and overall optimize customer experience and production costs, all while remaining cost-effective. Technology is the future of smooth back-end operations, and its implementation is guaranteed to bring about success regardless of environment. 

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