delivery drones in city

Have you ever ordered delivery and found it to be more inconvenient than just picking up the order yourself?

In the near future, this disconnect will become nearly non-existent. This is because restaurants are pushing to remove the threat of human error, and implement delivery drones.

According to this article posted by Hospitality Technology, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)  has issued new jurisdiction that allow drones, as well as other “small unmanned aerial vehicles”, to fly over concentrated areas at night. This jurisdiction will allow for restaurants to make delivery as easy and pain-free as possible for consumers and employees alike. 

Third-party delivery services such as Uber Eats have already jumped on the wave of exploring the use of drones for food service, and have been in “test mode” for a few years now. The use of these drones will be especially helpful in highly populated areas, such as cities, to avoid the traffic and congestion that typically comes with city living. 

There are a few requirements that come with drone operation, such as a remote pilot certification and physical identification when operating the drone. These requirements are very easily met, and the convenience of drone-use outweighs any difficulty in obtaining them.

The use of technology to better customer-to-restaurant communication is not limited to delivery services. Automation systems such as kitchen display systems (KDS) are have become increasingly popular because of their ability to streamline back-end kitchen operations. This has proved to be extremely helpful in managing various third-party delivery services, curbside pickup and in-house orders.

KitchenGo KDS is an automation system that streamlines orders to prevent waste, improve order accuracy and maintain positive customer relationships.

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