Back to Our Roots

After many years of leadership in the POS and KDS industry, in January 2020, Bematech North America has decided to return to its roots under the name of Logic Controls, the namesake the company was started as over 40 years ago. As part of this change, Logic Controls, not only moved its headquarters from Bethpage, NY to Orlando, FL, but also decided to establish new corporate values and mission to better reflect the spirit of the company.

This new mission aims to empower business by developing advanced solutions for the hospitality, retail, healthcare, industrial, public and government segments, with an excellent customer satisfaction level and top-of-the-line products at a cost-effective price.

The basis of our values are responsiveness, innovation, and efficiency.

We are committed to our customers through continuous research, integrity, and responsiveness. We daily strive to be at the cutting-edge of hardware and software innovation and research by applying our technology to the industry.  We promise to provide efficient solutions by fostering an atmosphere of positive change, always putting our customers’ interests and objectives first.

“This move marks an exciting period of growth and opportunity for Logic Controls,” says Fabio Romano, CEO of Logic Controls. “We expect that this return to our roots will allow us to expand our business further and deepen our relationships with our US and Latin American customers and partners.”

About Logic Controls

We are a leading business automation company providing POS solutions, services and training, rugged computing and KDS solutions.

With over three decades of technical engineering expertise and global presence in more than 37 countries, we offer the highest quality manufacturing, warehouse, and technical support from within the United States. We service a wide range of customers, from SMB to enterprise business, providing custom-tailored solutions to help automate your business and increasing your bottom line.

The biggest brands trust us, and you should too