feature spotlight for kitchengo kds sms support

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KitchenGo KDS provides the opportunity to not only improve kitchen operations, but the customer’s experience.  Learn more about how to optimize your operations. 

Looking to improve direct communication with your customers? 

Customer connection is a leading contributor to an establishment’s success. With the SMS support feature present in KitchenGo KDS, improve communication between customers by creating a direct line of contact through SMS notifications sent through Twilio. This makes for easy communication surrounding product and event promotion, as well as order statuses on delivery and takeout orders.

sms notification sent from KitchenGo KDS software

The SMS support feature sends personalized SMS messages directly to the customer to notify them of deals and order statuses. 

Whether you want to upgrade your promotional tactics, or give customers a more interactive ordering experience, SMS support provides a more personalized and one-on-one interaction for customers. This small increase in interaction makes a significance difference in customer experience, and is what will keep them coming back and limiting their relationship with competitors. 

Technology is the future of kitchen operations, and our team is trained to support you from start to finish with hassle-free integration and superior post-sale support. We see your success as our own- let us help you to ensure that your operations stay ahead of the curve, and your business successful.

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