Order Organization is a feature in KitchenGo KDS Premium

Have you ever imagined a kitchen system that cares as much about your orders as you do? 

KitchenGo KDS with its “order acknowledgement” feature guarantees the visualization of the incoming order until an operator selects it and confirms the receipt of the order for preparation and dispatch.


Ideal for hectic to-go stations worked by multiple people. The “order acknowledgement” feature will end up with the problem of lost orders in your kitchen as its on-screen flashes ensures the effective reception of each order.

All orders are a priority and KitchenGo knows it. Increase efficiency in your kitchen and provide an exceptional experience for your customers. Learn more about how KitchenGo KDS can enhance your day-to-day operations. Reach out to our sales team today by shooting them an email, or filling out the form to the right, and our team will give you the support you and your business need.