Looking to optimize workflow and increase profit margins through your back-end operations?

KitchenGo KDS is designed to do just that. We understand that each customer has a unique set of needs, which is why we developed different software and hardware solutions to satisfy each user scenario 

Which solution would be best for my operation? 

Our software is known for its simple low-IT requirement integration, its plug-and-play ability and the pre-and post-sales support.  You talk, we listen. We are constantly updating our software to match the needs and feedback of our clientele. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.  

KitchenGo Ticket Software and Hardware


We are one of the few companies in the KDS space that allows a full test drive of our solution prior to making a purchasing decision. It starts with our free printer replacement and introduction to a KDS ecosystem, KitchenGo Ticket. Ticket is the perfect entry, since it allows you to test with your current POS for compatibility with our software. When paired with a Logic Controls bumpbar and controller, Ticket eliminates the need for an order printer, as well as the hassle that comes with paper order tickets. Like its paid counterparts Premium and Allee, Ticket is a plug-and-play software, and transforms your paper orders to digital with little to no investment. Gain the ability to see how many tickets are in the kitchen all in one place, and save paper using KitchenGo Ticket.   


KitchenGo Premium is an Androidbased software that adds many must-have features that are focused on streamlining all orders from the front end to the back end of operations— whether they be delivery, online, app, to-go, or in-house. 100% customizable, KitchenGo Premium, like other software in the KitchenGo KDS collection, is POS agnostic, making for easy integration no matter your pre-existing POS software and hardware packages implemented.  

Key Benefits: 

    • Ability to work offline (no internet) for 5 days- longer than any leading competitor 
    • Real-time data analytics
    • No menu upload necessary 
    • Cloud storage, which creates reliable and transferrable data storage 
    • Track the performance of your employee’s and kitchens to increase customer throughput, reduce waste, and increase customer satisfaction 
    • Supports over 30 devices- more than any leading competitor 

    With Premium, you can: 

    • Manage status updates  
    • Categorize and summarize orders to increase organization and efficiency in inventory management  
    • Increase interaction with tables and online customers through an increased in communication on their order status  

    In addition to these features, Premium is the only major KDS that is 100% fully customizable to fit mom and pop size operations, yet scale to a multi-location enterprise with minimal effort. Whether you want to categorize orders based on color, or just create a platform that represents your brand, KitchenGo Premium allows you to personalize your system’s look, from brand, to features to customize your operations workflow to fit your needs. 









      KitchenGo Premium
      kitchengo kds kitchen display system software display screen for kitchengo kds premium
      kitchengo allee display kds kitchen display system on an ipad in a cafe being looked at by the chef
      allee apple screen for kds kitchengo kitchen display system orders to go


      KitchenGo Allee is the world’s first, true-native iOS KDS application. Like Premium in features and capabilities, Allee differs in appearance and compatibility due to it being designed in the familiar Apple HIG standard. Put your iPad, Apple watch, AppleTV or favorite iOS application to good use, and organize your back-end operations using a KDS interface that you and your employees are already familiar with 


      What about hardware solutions?

      Logic Controls hardware is industry-leading because of its proven durability, easy integration amongst pre-existing packages, and superior pre- and post-sale support. Our solutions are cost-efficient, while still providing the high-quality solutions that you want. Learn more about how our solutions can optimize your back-end operations. 


      The KB1700 is the most widely used and reliable bumpbar on the market. It is considered to be the industry standard and is in-use by some of the biggest, most recognizable brands in the world. With no programming accessory kit, battery or TSR program required, it is know to be the simplest of any bumpbar to integrate. This is especially useful when utilized in multiple locations. Unlike the major competitors, the KB1700 has legend sheet options available, making it more customizable for your back-end kitchen experience than ever, while keeping the same familiar functions. The additional maintenance, possibility of leakage and corruption, and the need to halt operations to replace bumpbar batteries that comes with competing products is removed with the no-battery operation of the KB1700.  


      KB1700 kitchen bumpbar for back end operations
      Kitchen bumpbar for KDS kitchen display system KB900


      The KB9000 is the first ever Projected Capacitive Touchscreen bumpbar on the market, meaning that it is more customizable, durable and innovative than any other options available.   

      Customization abilities include:   

      • Interchangeable legend sheets  
      • A fully customizable overlay   
      • Adjustable key numbers, location and dimensions  
      • 1800 characters per key, or 30,600 characters total available  

      This level of customization is unprecedented and allows for more versatile use than ever.   

       In addition to its customization abilities, the KB9000 is the most reliable and durable bump bar on the market, with an industry leading keystroke capacity of over 100M+.      




      The LS8900 is the lightest controller on the market, making for easy installation no matter your back-end operation is set up. 

      The LS8900 has the widest OS compatibility of any kitchen controller on the market, and has the ability to integrate with: 

      • Android (v7.1 included) 
      • Ubuntu 
      • CentOS 

      In addition to this compatibility, it has proven reliability in even the harshest environments and can operate for up to one month at full power.

      LS8900 kitchen controller for backend operations

      Post-installation, KitchenGo KDS effectively streamlines orders, reduces waste, and most importantly, provides an exceptional customer experience, all while remaining cost-effective.  Our team is trained to support you from start to finish and ensure that your operations stay ahead of the curve and profitable. 

      We can help you achieve top-of-the-line operations at an economical cost. Want to know more?Shoot us an emailor fill out the form to the right, and we can help you get started on the path to a #futurekitchen.