When the Coronavirus began spreading earlier this year and became a force to reckon with, many restaurants began offering what seemed like a unique solution: contact-free delivery with seamless kitchen service. Whether you’re rising to meet the growing demands enhancing your current delivery strategy or building a new one, knowing how to create and simplify your restaurant delivery service is a fundamental step. This is where Logic Controls KitchenGo solutions come into place to streamline your restaurant operations. 

KDS Solutions x Ghost Kitchens

Let’s pause for a minute to consider how orders from your kitchen are routed, as you will have traffic from in-house and off-premise flowing in simultaneously. Restaurants that are now being built around the ghost-kitchen model due to the Coronavirus may not have their own location, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make a profound connection with their customers. By using our integrated KDS software, our KitchenGo solutions will aid in improving operational efficiency connecting your customers straight to the kitchen, help scale by using multiple online ordering platforms at the same time and drive exclusivity for delivery marketplaces from the preparation station to customer queue display. As a restaurant, your biggest objectives are to serve quality food to your customers and to create a great experience where order occurrences and delivery time are extremely important for the success of your business. The KDS software you select has a significant impact on the way your kitchen operates and leveraging the power of online ordering and delivery is what will continue to shine a light on your customers while keeping them happy.

Serving Those That Serve Others

While the ghost kitchen concept has been around for many years, the business model began receiving significant attention just this year due to the pandemic effect on the United States. Restaurants now are leaning on delivery as the rise of the coronavirus outbreak delivers a change to the restaurant industry. Having to transition strictly to contactless delivery during this time and other measurements, our KitchenGo solutions not only help the full operation of your ghost kitchen but all of our software integrates seamlessly making it an unbeatable suite of all your restaurant solutions. 

As we are seeing a paradigm shift in how restaurants operate, ghost kitchens are here to stay. The changes we are seeing will provide unprecedented chances to experiment and refine and make this time more accessible and manageable. With Logic Controls being at the forefront in revolutionizing your business overall with our KDS software, we are here to ensure your kitchen operations are running efficiently and seamlessly. To find the right solution tailored to meet the unique needs of your restaurant during these vital times, contact us for a consultation today.