Cultivating and maintaining the highest possible level of customer satisfaction is a must for every type of restaurant, including those in the Quick Service space. And although the demand for high levels of customer service is the same, customer expectations can differ greatly. Using a feature-rich Quick Service POS system can help you increase customer satisfaction in the following ways:

Increasing Speed of Service. Consumers go to Quick Service restaurants because they want good food, fast. They don’t want to spend several minutes sitting in the drive-through lane or lining up at the front counter before they can even place an order, another few minutes to pay for their food, and several more minutes until the food is actually ready. If this is a regular occurrence at your establishment, you’re already turning off customers.

A good Quick Service POS system speeds up the ordering, payment, and delivery process. Features like easily navigable, user-friendly interfaces between the POS terminal and the kitchen make order-taking quick, simple, and accurate. With a Quick Service POS solution in place, employees are alerted when a new customer has entered the drive through and can rapidly respond by immediately inquiring what he or she would like to order. Additionally, orders can be sent directly to the kitchen upon receipt and will be bagged and ready to go when customers reach the pick-up window or right after they’ve finished paying at the counter. In all cases, the end-result is happier customers.

Improving communication with customers. Quick Service restaurants lean heavily on communication between employees and patrons in order to provide every customer with the fastest, most accurate service possible. The Quick Service POS system is an essential element in helping this communication to occur smoothly and with regularity.

For example, when the Quick Service POS system properly integrates with the kitchen display system, orders reach the kitchen seconds after being placed. Kitchen staff can easily view different order components, along with any customization instructions—decreasing the potential for preparation errors and item omissions as well as decreasing order wait times. An integration of the Quick Service POS system and both the drive-through order confirmation board and drive-through timers ensures that orders are correctly entered. Without this integration, orders could be entered inaccurately, in turn slowing down drive-through times and creating a crowd of displeased customers.

Offering more convenient payment options. Today’s consumers crave a wide variety of ways to pay for their food. If your Quick Service restaurant doesn’t accommodate whichever mode of payment a given patron wants to use, you can bet that person will feel inconvenienced at the very least and may be less likely to return to the establishment.

However, with the right Quick Service POS application, this doesn’t need to happen. In addition to cash, a Quick Service POS system accepts credit and debit cards, as well as payments made with mobile apps. It may also incorporate a mobile POS module that enables roving employees to take customers’ orders and credit or debit card payments on a mobile device (e.g., a tablet) while they are still in the queue. The more convenient it is for customers to spend money in your Quick Service restaurant, the more satisfied they will feel about their dining experience and the more profitable your establishment will be.

A topnotch Quick Service POS will help your employees deliver the best possible service they can to your customers ensuring a positive experience leaving customers satisfied and coming back again and again.