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Looking to try out a KDS (Kitchen Display System)? iOS loyal? A fan of the versatility that comes with Android?  No matter your preference, Logic Controls is dedicated to creating solutions that fits best with your business. Let us introduce you to the lineup so you can learn which KitchenGo KDS software is the perfect fit for your back-end kitchen operations. 

Before we get started, it’s important to understand exactly what a KDS is.  A Kitchen Display System (KDS) is the brain of backend operations. Through streamlining kitchen operations, a KDS creates a more user-friendly operation, and overall optimizes in the reduction of food waste, more customer throughput, higher food quality, and most of all, a superior customer experience that will keep them coming back. If you want to learn more about the benefits before going more in depth on our specific solutions, check out our article, What the Heck is KDS?” before continuing.  If you already know, let’s get started.  


KitchenGo Ticket is our most basic, but still efficient, solutionTicket is our free KDS software that gives you a taste of our Premium and Allee solutions. Paired with Logic Controls hardware, Ticket replaces the printer and eliminates the hassle, errors, and waste that comes with them. With quick and easy installation and use, Ticket allows you to bump, select, recall and filter orders, removing the errors that come with a hectic backend kitchen operation.  Smudged printer paper, a change in order last minute and tiny print are issues of the past.


Our most well-known solution, KitchenGo Premium is a POS agnostic (AKA, PnP, it will run on any integrated point-of-sale, making installation process easy, with very little IT overhead). KitchenGo Premium is an Android based software that streamlines your orders from the front end to the back end of operations— whether they be delivery, online, app, to-go, or in-houseWith Premium, you can fully customize the KDS display, receive real time analytics, from station, to location up to enterprise and store this data in the Cloud for analysis. This enables management to make data-driven decisions and identify possible bottlenecks, thereby streamlining the entire operation. 

With KitchenGo Premium, your restaurant will: 

  • Eliminate missing orders through automatic data transmission
  • Control food quality, safety and reduce food waste
  • Manage and balance workloads between stations
  • Prioritize orders by status, destinations, and number of items
  • Highlight special orders, allergies and others
  • Integrate with customer engagement solutions (SMS, App push…)
  • Low learning curve, get staff up and running quickly
  • Much more…

    Premium provides full customization to fit your business needs, ease of installation and use, and streamlines orders in a way that helps reduce waste, increase ROI, and ultimately optimize customer satisfaction, which is why our customers continue to use and recommend this solution worldwide.


    KitchenGo Allee is the world’s first ever true-native iOS application for restaurant owners who are attracted to the Apple environment and are looking to boost their business efficiency. Similar to Premium in features and capabilities, Allee differs in appearance and compatibility due to it being designed in the familiar Apple HIG standard. It can be installed directly from the Apple App Store onto any iPad, Apple Watch, and AppleTV device in minutes and integrates with Apple as a single hardware provider, making integration easy with an already implemented hardware with proven reliability.  The system does and functions wirelessly and only requires an internet connection, so installation is quick and can be achieved from a corporate office.

    Allee is perfect for the trendsetter- those who value innovation, ease of use and the convenience that comes with the use of a single hardware provider. Allee was created for iOS fanatics, and offers the sleek, simplistic design and function that Apple loyalists know and love.  

    With its sleek design, iOS compatibility and proven reliability paired with the features and capabilities users know and love of Premium (as listed above), Allee is bound to find success in any space, whether it be a kitchen, grocery store, or in healthcare.   

    Overwhelmed by your choices? Have no fear. Any KitchenGo KDS solution you choose will be a good choice. Streamline orders, reduce waste and overall optimized customer experience and production costs, while remaining cost-effective with any KitchenGo KDS solution. 

    Interested in learning more to find your perfect fit? Give us a call or fill out the form to the right, we can help you get started.


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