Innovation is the key to keeping many businesses afloat, but in the restaurant and hospitality industry, it’s imperative. With a common trouble spot in a quintessential restaurant operation being the failure to relay the orders to kitchen staff in an accurate manner, think about integrating these three new products we are bringing to the market to power your restaurant. If you want your restaurant to exceed and continue to sustain, our software is designed to help restaurateurs like you enhance operations, grow revenue, and exult your guests. See why our newest products are unmatched in their ability to not only enhance productivity but a solution you can trust for your customers’ time and again. 

The I3200 – Connectivity, Cords, and Power

Logic Controls takes pride in the relationships it has created to bring you the very best in extraordinary value POS Peripherals. Introducing the I3200 scanner, the next-generation in smart technology that offers a unique and convenient way to support your restaurant’s daily operation. It is equipped with advanced scanning and the latest sensing technology, enabling your kitchen team to scan all popular 1D and 2D barcodes with ease. As a new edition to the Logic Control’s family of successful products, the I3200 offers many features such as maximum scanning distance, beep indication, and USB cable release to enable outstanding performance. If you’re looking for a scanner that delivers versatility and reliability to imaging technology, then the I3200 is a must-have product for your customers.

The LS8900 – Durable and Reliable

Did you know that the kitchen display controller is one of the most critical components of a Kitchen Display System? Meet the LS8900, the kitchen display controller that sets the standard for reliability. As it receives, organizes, and pushes out orders to be displayed on a monitor above the prep stations, the LS8900 controller is a reliable and simply maintained controller that offers a lot of benefits for your kitchen automation. Compared to the LS8000, its core design and network interface make it reliable for uninterrupted operations in harsh kitchen environments that can run on any Logic Contol’s solutions. 

The LV5000 – Speed up Your Front-of-House

In addition to these two high-performance technologies, we now introduce you to the LV5000. Whether your business is in need of a standard two-line green fluorescent display or a vivid LCD display, customer displays are intuitive and robust for any restaurant situation. The LV5000 is designed with optimal resolution and a 9.7in LCD display to improve order accuracy and give your guests the transparency they want. The LV500 is an essential component at any POS station. 

Finding the Right Balance

It is more important now more than ever, that you get the most out of your POS and KDS technology systems to get set up to take full advantage of this shift in behavior so you can be agile, pivot, and meet this new demand to your customers. We here at Logic Controls wanted to make the purchase and setup of software solutions as painless and hassle-free as possible, and so our complete solutions being brought to the market have been built to get your business up and running by enhancing productivity in your workforce mobilization. Whether you operate fine-dining table service, quick service, fast-casual, or concession, our team is dedicated to providing the best hardware solutions to match your operating system. Get with one of our experts today!