With new features, bug fixes, and improvements. We are happy to announce that we are fully integrated with Oracle and the Micros Simphony environment.

KitchenGo KDS Kitchen Display System Software Update

KitchenGo Premium 

New Feature

  • Store Logo Background
  • Integration with orders API
  • Food Course
  • Integration with Oracle Micros


  • Router performance (read/write folders, SMB, Settings)
  • Common orders display performance
  • Summary issues (item and condiments count)
  • Printing configurations
  • Shared Folder communication
  • Unbumping orders
  • Line Display- Quantity is not displayed for items


  • on screen keyboard issue
  • Importing Settings and Orders
  • SMBv1 and SMBv2
  • Add/ Remove Store Name
  • Summary feature improvement (font, size, color)
  • Add quantity to condiments
  • Category font and Color
  • Change Text line height to “Space between items”

KitchenGo Ticket


  • unauthorized error
  • Unable to register.
  • Older tickets reappearing on screen
  • Saving Settings- Ticket Duplication
  • Common network issues when restoring application


  • back button (joining)
  • Start on Boot
  • Exit settings without restart.
  • Be able to set 4, 5 or 6 tickets per screen (settings)
  • Ability for the users to delete old orders

KitchenGo Allee


  • Apple TV bug fixes and performance improvement
  • Connectivity improvement between stations


  • Share folder in Domain Computers
  • Updating tablets in backoffice
  • Modifying item in order
  • Able to customize time in Cleaning habits
  • Update logo for apple tv