Is your kitchen like this?Let’s face it. Some kitchens are chaos. If yours is, that can be a good thing. It means you are busy. But wouldn’t you want to put some order on that chaos? Organize and increase your customer throughput? Ensure that every customer you have experiences an exceptional meal at your business?

Let’s say that you have survived the pandemic. Businesses are starting to open back up. People are going back to the restaurant. However, for years it was always said that “Sometime in the future, online-orders and curbside pick-up will grow exponentially.” Boom! Here comes the pandemic and made it so, much quicker than we all expected. Some people were able to adapt, some didn’t. Technology companies rushed to supply solutions.

Here is the good news: Logic Controls has had the solution for quite a few years, and that solution is a Kitchen Display System (KDS). A KDS streamlines and optimizes operations by connecting the front and back of house with a digital solution. No more tickets that can get lost, torn, covered in grease, smeared; you know what can happen to printed tickets. There are also other factors that make a KDS necessary. Connecting a POS that has online, dine-in, walk-in, curbside, delivery options to a KDS solution that can balance, time orders, track, and notify customers when the order is ready is a part of the future kitchen. The customer will enjoy a product that is hot, fresh, and exactly what they ordered.

Well, the future kitchen is here, we have designed a KDS solution that has the features that matter. No more, no less. We built our platform on the latest technology that provides data to the location manager all the way to C-Level enterprise accounts if necessary. We listen to our customers and we know kitchens. Why? We’ve worked in some of the busiest kitchens, and we have analyzed restaurant operations to an exhaustive level and included this knowledge in our solution, and are adding new features monthly that are being requested from our customers. This is why Logic Controls KDS products are used on over 500k stations daily.

Other solutions are good, but do they provide the support, flexibility, and innovative features that you require? We do. We’ve built our team from the ground up to not only consult with you on whether our solution is right for you but to offer outstanding post-sale support to make sure that you are successful with your new solution.

If you want to put order to the chaos and profit from the ‘new norm’ give us a shout. We can help.