Plastic To-Go bag with a yellow smiley face and thank you written on itThe pandemic hugely effected every industry, and the hospitality and retail industries were certainly no exception. Businesses were scrambling to find a solution to the decline in sales, and third party services that were already integrated and well-known, helped subsidize these companies through partnership. However, now that things are starting to settle, companies are starting to implement their own online features, where the need for a third party delivery solution that can charge up to 30% of ticket price, may no longer be needed.

In this Modern Restaurant Management article, leaders discuss the easiest and most efficient ways to convince customers to order directly instead of through third party platforms, the first step being education. Most customers are not aware of the high service fees third party platforms charge businesses, so it is the businesses responsibility to remind them of the benefits of ordering directly, primarily through marketing channels. Strategies such as menu disclaimers, popup models, QR codes, menu limitation on third party sites and guaranteeing the lowest price are all effective in navigating traffic towards your restaurant’s direct line of contact.

Regardless of your line of contact, ensuring customers come back is the first step to your business success. Without a positive experience, there will be no need to convince them to use one ordering service or the other. That being said, ensuring back-end operations are running as efficiently and quickly as possible is the first step. Implementing a kitchen display system (KDS) allows your business to reduce waste, cut costs on production and create a consistent customer experience that will keep them coming back through streamlining orders from multiple sources into one place. 

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