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Learn more about KitchenGo KDS’ abilities and major features, and how they can benefit your kitchen operations. 

It’s time to quell the chaos in your kitchen. 

Restaurants are beginning to open their doors to patrons for the first time in a year, and because of this business is booming. People are itching to get back to normalcy, and this is reflected in the surge in business for QSR and fine-dining establishments alike. While this change in pace is welcomed with open arms by businesses and customers, it also creates a demand to ditch the fluff, and create a streamlined, more organized kitchen operation to match this increased demand.

Looking for a solution to quell the chaos but don’t know where to start?  A kitchen display system (KDS) is the brain of kitchen operations, and works in unison with pre-existing point-of-sale (POS) integrations. Where a POS is primarily focused on taking the customer order and payment, KDS handles the “behind the scenes” that keeps your restaurant a well-oiled machine. These two systems work together to create effective and cohesive communication from the front-end to the behind-the-scenes operation of a restaurant. With a KDS, you have the ability to streamline kitchen operations into one place, and remove the need for paper tickets- eliminating the paper waste, order disparity and the cluttered work environment that comes with paper ticket orders.

KitchenGo KDS is known for its ease of use, order organization capabilities,  pre-and post-sales support, making it an ideal integration for any operation. 

Some major features of KitchenGo KDS include:

  • remote configuration 
  • real-time data analytics
  • SMS support
  • order acknowledgment 
  • recipes in app 
  • customizable backlays
  • and more…

Accidents happen, and unexpected challenges arise all the time, especially with the increase in traction in the hospitality industry.  With KitchenGo KDS, increase your organization and understanding of the needs of your clientele and back-end operations, all while remaining cost-effective.

Technology is the future of back-end operations, and our team is trained to support you from start to finish with hassle-free integration and superior post-sale support. You talk, we listen. We are constantly updating our software to match the needs and feedback of our clientele, and your satisfaction is our number one priority. 

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