In the latest release of our KitchenGo Solutions, we at Logic Controls took a step towards more inclusivity and increased production with an update that includes a major improvement; the ability to translate our software to Spanish and Portuguese. The restaurant, and foodservice industry, is one of the most diverse industries in the world and we wanted our software to reflect that.

According to the 2019 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 27.1% of all total employed people within the restaurant and foodservice industry are Hispanic or Latinx. With this update, a large chunk of the foodservice community will now be able to choose which language best suits them for their working environment. More comfortability with their chosen language will lead to faster mental processing, quicker preparation and cook time, and overall expedited completion of orders for customers.

Logic Controls continues to innovate towards the best solutions that improve the kitchen experience, and the hospitality business as a whole. Version 2.4 of our KitchenGo Solutions takes a huge step in eliminating an invisible barrier that hinders the best work from being completed in the best way. We’re thrilled for you to use our latest update and we look forward bringing you more solutions to improve your business in the future.

To learn more how KitchenGo Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) can help your business, visit our KitchenGo Solutions page.


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