Kitchen display systems (KDS) are an integral part of a restaurants’ technology infrastructure. A KDS helps to provide better management capabilities and enhances the overall customer experience. The technology can be used in quick service restaurants, fine-dining restaurants, concession stands and various other environments. They can easily be integrated into existing operations and improve efficiencies right away. Want to enhance your restaurants operations? Here’s how Kitchen Display Systems can help streamline your business.

Improves Communication between Front of House and Back Kitchen Staff
KDS streamlines the process of sending orders to the kitchen. As soon as a customer finishes placing their order with the staff at the Point of Sale, the ticket is instantly sent to the kitchen where it will be displayed on a monitor. Several orders can be displayed on a monitor at a single time and multiple tickets can be prepared at once. All of the customers’ special requests will be noted on the screen and the kitchen staff does not need to worry about illegible handwriting, losing or damaging a printed ticket in the chaotic kitchen environment. By eliminating the use of paper tickets the kitchen operations become more environmentally friendly and help to keep the space clear of debris.

Automatically Distributes Orders to Preparation Areas
The KDS is a great tool to have when a kitchen has several different preparation stations. The POS computer does all of the work in the back end to determine where to send each component of an order, for example it will separate the items from a single ticket to go to the grill or the salad station. Kitchen staff can stay put at their own station rather than moving around frantically to complete an order in a timely manner. Tickets are fulfilled much more rapidly as one or more items can be prepared simultaneously. The kitchen staff does not need to worry about designating jobs once an order is received; rather the computer completes the assignments automatically.

Instantly Generates Daily Reports
It is important for restaurants to analyze the business completed on a daily basis and for some owners this could become a time-consuming task. For those who use KDS, reports can be generated automatically based on quantities of items sold and then from there it can be determined how much of specific ingredients were used. This information allows owners to better forecast what supplies and resources they will need to prepare for the following day. Preparing the right amount of ingredients eliminates the chance of waste at the end of the day. The daily reporting function will save time and resources, and as a result increase the bottom line of a business.

Making the customer experience more enjoyable is the ultimate goal of a restaurant’s staff and management. Integrating a KDS can make that happen.