Meet KitchenGo Allee

KDS for iOS

The newest product in Logic Controls’ KitchenGo line is Allee: the first independent kitchen display system (KDS) software developed on an iOS platform. Logic Controls leveraged its more than 30 years’ experience developing solutions for the restaurant industry to design KitchenGo allee with advanced features that streamline workflows and enable cost-saving controls over food prep.

The Benefits KDS for iOS

Choosing KitchenGo Allee to complement your iOS restaurant point of sale (POS) system will result in greater efficiency and productivity. KitchenGo allee’s UI design follows Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines (HIG). Your employees are probably already familiar with the simple, intuitive Apple user experience, which will make a]Allee quick to learn and easy to use.

KitchenGo Allee also equips your staff with communication methods tailored to the growing millennial workforce’s behaviors and preferences, enabling them to easily communicate as a part of routine workflows.

KitchenGo Allee Version 1.0 Features


  • Recommended for iPad Pro
  • Easy integration with your POS system
  • Expeditor screen provides greater visibility with a breakdown of activity at each station
  • Configurable order display
  • Filter view provides order breakdowns based on status or destinations
  • Smart ordering helps to monitor item preparation time
  • Anchor alert provides instant notification to all staff

Logic Controls offers a complete line of KDS solutions that address restaurant applications of all kinds. Our experienced staff is ready to help you find and demo the right solution for your operation.