While it may not be a customer-facing product, a restaurant’s kitchen display system is one of the most important components of any kitchen operation today. Often overlooked in the restaurant business, they streamline operations, reduce order times, and greatly affect your customers’ satisfaction, which directly affects your restaurant’s success. From the system integrator right down to the food preparation staff, LC KDS developed a piece of technology that does more than conciliate customers; it will change the way your restaurant performs. Efficient all the way down the line, consider these solutions alongside our Logic Controls KDS software to power your restaurant’s success.

Improve Your Kitchen Efficiency

When it comes to inefficiencies with food preparation, Logic Controls has equipped you with the right solution to fit your operation in a reliable and seamless way. In fact, restaurants of all sizes can gain value from the operational advantages of our kitchen display systems offer. Being the newest product in our KitchenGo line, allee is the first independent KDS software developed on an iOS platform. Our goal was to empower our customer’s business by providing leading automation that streamlines workflows and enables cost-saving controls and greater operational efficiencies. With more than 30 years of knowledge in KDS and cutting-edge technologies, choosing KitchenGo allee 1.0 and 1.4 to complement your iOS restaurant POS system will result in greater order accuracy and increased productivity. 

KitchenGo allee Features

  • Recommended for iPad Pro
  • Easy integration with your POS system
  • Expeditor screen provides greater visibility with a breakdown of activity at each station
  • Configurable order display
  • Filter view provides order breakdowns based on status or destinations
  • Smart ordering helps to monitor item preparation time

We all know that in the restaurant industry, the use of software and technology is essential to helping us streamline and shorten the time it takes us to carry out tasks. Whether you are a high-volume quick service operation or a delivery-based restaurant concept, the KitchenGo Premium software suite is Logic Controls’ next-gen kitchen KDS that provides state-of-the-art routing, control, and visibility. As the perfect recipe for a successful restaurant, kitchen display systems can also help in focusing on product quality and product consistency. 

KitchenGo Premium Applications

  • Router
  • Premium KDS
  • Statistic

As you can see, kitchen display systems do more than just reduce the need for paper in a restaurant. But who hasn’t had a bad experience with paper tickets? Sloppy handwriting on a pad of paper, or a splotch of grease on the ticket, can quickly cause a budding long-term relationship with a customer to sour. With its unprecedented visibility and real-time processing capabilities, the KitchenGo Ticket ensures that orders are correct and served in a timely manner, it helps support and enhances your daily kitchen operations to run without interruption. You no longer have to worry about miscommunications between the front and back of the house and prioritize your tickets accordingly. 

KitchenGo Ticket Features

  • Display customer name and order destination
  • Ensure guest safety by accommodating dietary restrictions or other modifications
  • Filter orders based on station function
  • Display order arrival time and monitor preparation time
  • Bump, select, and recall orders
  • Indicate the in-queue ticket numbers
  • Available in bump bar and touchscreen setups

What our KDS Software Can do for Your Restaurant

Every restaurant is unique, which is why KitchenGo software was created to enhance and adapt to different restaurant needs. As consumers are using the drive-thru more frequently, ordering more takeout and getting their food delivered this technology-infused shift in the industry is putting pressure on operators to keep pace. And with all the practical analysis you need at your fingertips, it is essential to find a KDS that can manage this type of traffic for you with off-premise dining demand on the rise. Logic Controls can help you discover how to plan your restaurant’s growth and drive sales to support your business now and in the future.

Whether you’re looking to decrease ticket times, increase customer satisfaction, or promote efficiencies in the kitchen, contact our solutions experts and learn more about how adding this technology to your restaurant will help streamline the kitchen order process exponentially and bring intuitiveness to your restaurant management.