KitchenGo KDS hardware bumpbar touch monitor controller for kitchen display system

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KitchenGo KDS is the key to optimizing back-end kitchen operations. Though our software is the star, get to know the supporting players that help make it happen.  Give Logic Controls’ industry-leading hardware some love and let us introduce you to our lineup of bump bars, touch screenscontrollers and more.  


The kitchen display controller serves as the heart of a KDS system. It receives, organizes, and pushes out orders to be displayed on a monitor above preparation stations.

Designed to function in harsh, high temperature, humid, and greasy environments, our controllers are enclosed in a machined protective, and self-cooling aluminum casing. The fan-less, and vent-less units are sealed to ensure maximum reliability that enables long-term use in these harsh environments. 

 Touch Monitors

Along with bump bars, touch monitors are one of the “classic” kitchen automation products, and serves as an essential tool in the kitchen. Most automation solutions for the kitchen require durable touch screen monitors, our monitors are designed with durability and reliability in mind. In use for years in thousands of harsh environments, our monitors have stood the test of time. 

 Bump Bars

Last in the lineup is our innovative, industry-leading bump bars. Like all other Logic Controls automation products, our bump bars are designed for use in harsh kitchen environments while streamlining kitchen operations. Through the use of a bump bar,  you close or “bump” orders through kitchen stations until that order is complete, or back if the order is not right, giving you full control. Whether you go with our industry standard KB1700, or industry first capacitive, fully programmable KB9000, our bump bars are known for their durability, programmability and fully customizable layouts for your backend operations.

While we love to flaunt our KitchenGo KDS software (it IS the best), our hardware is something that Logic Controls has perfected in pricing, functionality and quality for over 30 years. Its our hardware that inspired KitchenGo KDS workflows, which is based on years of customer feedback and constant improvements. We know how kitchens operate.

Questions on how to automate your operations? Give us a call or fill out the form to the right and we can help you discover how to save money, increase customer throughput and streamline your operations from front to back. 

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