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Not all Kitchen Display Systems are created equal

Logic Controls KDS solution is the industry’s first Cloud-based KDS that will not go down when your internet does. With over 30 years of experience, our industry-leading end-to-end KDS software and hardware solutions streamline your business at scale.

KitchenGo AlleeKitchenGo PremiumKitchenGo Ticket

Let your customers know where their order is

Utilizing Apple TV, let your customers know exactly how long their order will take.

Anchored to your KDS?

Don’t be anchored to a station. You can manage your front and back of house operations from an iPad or even an Apple Watch!
Or run on an android tablet for those that mix a traditional KDS hardware/software solution.

KitchenGo - by Logic Controls

Explore the Logic Controls KitchenGo Hardware and Software Lineup

Choose from a Range of KDS Solutions for Any Application

The kitchen display system (KDS) you select has a significant impact on the way your kitchen, and business operates. Logic Controls hardware and software solutions keeps kitchen operations running efficiently and minimizes downtime. Our portfolio covers the entire range of configurations any restaurant would need - from budget-friendly solutions to premium enterprise functionality.

Discover our KDS Hardware and Software


Key Benefits

Reduce Waste, Increase Profits

KitchenGo software will improve your restaurant workflows by reducing paper, and food waste as well asmprove Communications between kitchen and wait staff, speed order fulfillment and ensure order accuracy for the ultimate customer experience.

Customer Engagement and Experience

Open the door for direct communication between your restaurant and customers by integrating guest paging/table tracking, or send direct SMS Text messages if a customer opts in directly to their phone. Let the customer know the status of their order and when it’s complete.


Better visibility = future growth and cost savings. Monitor stores in your city or around the globe. Customize analytics in real-time online and offline. Identify bottlenecks to increase employee efficiency and customer throughput.

Data is gold. And to run a business data is critical. Never make a bad decision since KitchenGo provides real-time data that can be analyzed from the store level, all the way to enterprise multi-locations. Get an instant snapshot on how your stores are operating, and make critical adjustments on the fly.

KitchenGo Allee
KitchenGo Metrics

SaaS Solutions

KitchenGo Allee

We created the world’s first true-native iOS-based application for restaurant owners looking to boost their business efficiency. Allee can be downloaded and installed directly from the Apple App Store onto any iPad, Apple Watch, and AppleTV device in minutes.

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KitchenGo Premium

The KitchenGo Premium software suite is Logic Controls’ next-gen kitchen display system that provides state-of-the-art routing, control, and visibility. KitchenGo Premium provides unmatched operational efficiency and customer satisfaction—the perfect recipe for a successful restaurant.

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KitchenGo Ticket KDS

Clearly and reliably communicate orders to the kitchen and streamline processes with KitchenGo Ticket, an easy-to-install and easy-to-use kitchen display system (KDS). When handwritten or printed orders get lost or damaged in a busy kitchen environment, a missing or illegible order has a predictable outcome: an unhappy customer It’s time for KitchenGo Ticket.

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Some of our integration partners

Our KDS software products offer integrations with all major POS applications and more:

FurturePOSMMHayesJonas ClubNorthstar POS
XPRBypassTransactMad MobileLINGA
payroceMobile POSComputritionCenteredgeBepoz


Our KDS software has integrations with many of the top POS brands worldwide. Click here to obtain the full list.


Companies that are certified with Logic Controls products

  1. Lightspeed (KB1700, KB9000)
  2. Epson (KB1700, KB9000)
  3. Brink (KB1700)
  4. Xpient (KB1700, computers)
  5. Brazil companies  (KB1700, KB9000, LS8900…)
  6. FuturePOS (KB1700, computers)
  7. Aldelo (KB1700, KB9000)
  8. Grubber (KB1700, KB9000)
Industry Standard KDS Hardware

KDS Controllers

The kitchen display controller receives, organizes and pushes orders to the KDS display. The KDS controller is a key component of a quality KDS system.

Logic Controls LS8900

Features that matter

KitchenGo Premium

KDS Bump Bars

Kitchen display bump bars are designed for use in harsh kitchen environments. Bump bars enables you to close or “bump” orders through the kitchen stations until complete, or back if the order is not right. You are in full control.

KB9000 Bump bar
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