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KitchenGo Ticket is Making Kitchen Display Systems Easier than Ever

No More Missing or Smudged Tickets

Clearly and reliably communicate orders to the kitchen and streamline processes with KitchenGo Ticket, an easy-to-install and easy-to-use kitchen display system (KDS). Handwritten or printed orders can get lost or damaged in a busy kitchen environment. And a missing or illegible order has a predictable outcome: an unhappy customer. When it’s time to upgrade from inefficient and inaccurate ways of communicating orders to prep stations in the kitchen, it’s time for KitchenGo Ticket.

Kitchen Display Systems Low TCO vs. Printers

With kitchen display systems, restaurants don’t need to worry about running out of kitchen printer paper or ribbons during peak hours. KitchenGo Ticket keeps your kitchen running without interruption—while you save money on consumables. Most KitchenGo Ticket users find that after a few years, the total cost of ownership of their KDS is lower than that of their old kitchen printer.

KitchenGo Ticket Features

KitchenGo Ticket supports and enhances your daily kitchen operations. Setting up KitchenGo Ticket is as easy as setting up a kitchen printer, and it will work with any operating system.

KitchenGo Ticket offers restaurant operators the abilities to:

  • Display and customer name and order destination
  • Ensure guest safety by accommodating dietary restrictions or other modifications
  • Filter orders based on station function
  • Display order arrival time and monitor preparation time
  • Bump, select, and recall orders
  • Indicate the in-queue ticket numbers
  • Available in bump bar and touchscreen setups

Logic Controls offers a complete line of KDS solutions that address restaurant applications of all kinds. Our experienced staff is ready to help you find and demo the right solution for your operation.