Logic Controls KB9000 100% customizable Kitchen Display Bump Bar.

22" KP40 Touchscreen Monitor

Stylish meets sturdiness with the sleek KP40 Touchscreen Monitor from Logic Controls. 

Enjoy high definition images on a slim, wide 22-inch LCD display that’s built to withstand the heat, grease and humidity of the harshest environments.


Your Workstation Workhorse.

Equipped with all the essentials and built to handle most commercial or industrial environments.


Sleek & Slim

The KP40’s thin profile and wide viewing angle makes it perfect for both desktop and wall mounting applications.

Space-Saving Design
Strong, muscled arm with Logic Controls KB9000 Kitchen Display Bump Bar.

Withstands Water

The KP40 is rated IP55 on both the front and back — providing premium protection from water, dust, heat and humidity.


Handles the Heat

The KP40 is tested to be tough enough for high-heat environments, able to withstand temperatures of up to 140° F (60° C)

Heat Resistant

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