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As American consumers, we are given almost too many choices. That being said, it comes as no surprise that many of us live with the mentality that the more options available, the better. In light of the pandemic, however, many restaurants have found that less is more when it comes to menu options available.

In this Restaurant Business Online article, they explain that those who have reduced their menu size have found there to be not only an increase in product quality but a decrease in production costs and time. Big chains like Capital Grille and Taco Bell have taken the lead on this, and have found success in doing so. However, this success raises the question of whether or not this business model change will be successful long term and post-pandemic, or if it is a solution applicable only to this unique circumstance.


Regardless of if this solution is a long term solution or not, the end goal of each restaurant owner is to make the kitchen and front-end operations as smoothly run as possible. With an urgent need for optimization and cost reduction now more than ever, those in the hospitality industry should consider all options. In addition to trimming their menu, one of these options owners should consider is implementing a kitchen display system (KDS). This switch will allow them to streamline orders, reduce waste and overall optimize customer experience and production costs, all while remaining cost-effective. Technology is the future of smooth kitchen operations, and its implementation is guaranteed to bring about success in virtually any climate. 

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