May 6, 2020 – Orlando, FL Logic Controls, a leader in KDS business solutions and POS peripherals are proud to say we’ve expanded into the Brazilian market. With more than 915,500 restaurants in Brazil and with only 5% of their kitchens being automated, LCI believes that Kitchen Display Systems will be the golden ticket to digitally transform the kitchen in multiple businesses such as restaurants, ghost-kitchens, and more. Logic Controls will allow enterprise companies with a global presence to have access to the same North American portfolio they’re used to, in Brazil.

“I believe the restaurant business is undergoing a big transformation due to COVID-19. Businesses are having to learn to reinvent the way their kitchens are being managed” says Fabio Romano, CEO at Logic Controls. “There will be new norms such as stricter cleaning guidelines, fewer people working in the kitchen, and more online ordering. This is where our KitchenGo Solution will help manage all these variants through a single solution.”

KitchenGo Solution helps businesses to increase efficiency with modern technology, improve cleanliness with easy to clean hardware, reduce paper and food waste, and reduce the need for extra staff in the kitchen. 


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