Our Founding 

Let’s take a look back at the history of Logic Controls. With one goal in mind to support businesses by providing advanced solutions and increase their bottom line, Logic Controls became a leading automation company through cutting-edge technology. Founded in 1982 in the State of New York, Logic Controls began to offer kitchen display hardware when it introduced Logic Net®. Originally designed to meet IBM’s restaurant system requirements, Logic Controls, later on, introduced a line of industrial computers that ran Windows or Lux for use as kitchen video controllers. Fast-forward, Logic Controls has significantly set themselves apart from their competitors due to a number of differentiators such as:

  • Proven, time-tested reliability of products
  • Superior product functionality and technology due to expertise in hardware & software engineering
  • Customer value is driven by the marriage of high-tech R & D with efficient manufacturing operations
  • Broadest line of PC-based POS peripherals
  • Easy integration using industry-standard ports
  • Products compensate for the shortage of computer I/O ports with patented pass-through and daisy chain technology

Our Story

Powering over 5,600 businesses for over three decades, Logic Control’s single-source hardware solutions have advanced the operating process and effectiveness from some of the top names in the business. As we continue to reinvent the restaurant experience, take a look at how our founding story has developed throughout the years from Latin America to its expansion in North America. 

Moving Forward 

From the products we build to the stories we have told for the past 28 years, we stayed committed to our vision to serve and strengthen businesses through our software development. With more than 20 years of experience of expertise in hardware design and manufacturing, our products and software have been widely known in the market not only for our reliability but for our advanced functionality.. Focused on the hospitality and restaurant industry from the start, today we power restaurants across our growing community. Why not see for yourself how Logic Controls can streamline your business operation and customer experience while increasing profitability.