New Hyde Park, New York, October 11th, 2007 – Logic Controls, Inc., a manufacturer and leading provider of Kitchen Display Systems (KDS), industrial computers, POS systems and peripherals announced that its Logic Serve Kitchen Display System is being deployed in Panera Bread in corporate and franchisee locations. Over one hundred sites have been installed. Logic Serve features the Logic Controls LC8200 industrial computer as the kitchen display controller in addition to the durable Logic Controls bump bar.

Kitchen Display Systems enable fast and accurate order processing, which are essential in providing good customer service. “Panera is dedicated to providing a great dining experience for our customers, which not only means healthy food, but that every order is delivered quickly and accurately,” notes Bill Breyer, Director of Field Systems at Panera Bread. The compact LC8200 features a fanless design that prevents damage to internal components caused by dust and other external airflow obstructions. ¡§The KDS system is truly mission critical at Panera, and we cannot afford downtime at our busy Cafes. System reliability was a key factor in our selection, according to Breyer. Logic Serve was field teted at multiple Cafes, prior to final selection by Panera as its Kitchen Display hardware.

We are pleased to be selected by Panera, the market leader in the fast casual food service segment, states Jackson Lum, president of Logic Controls.

The Logic Controls LC8200 is a rugged industrial computer with complete PC functionality that supports high speed and high resolution video output. It utilizes an Intel Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) processor and special cooling technology to eliminate the need for an internal cooling fan. The fanless design is essential for reliable operation in greasy harsh kitchen environments. Its compact (6″ W x 8″ D x 2″ H) die cast housing can easily be mounted horizontally or vertically in any position on fixtures, walls or counters. The LC8200 has a large compliment of I/O ports including multiple serial and USB ports to support legacy as well as new peripheral options plus network connectivity. The LC8200, when configured as a diskless computer with compact flash, has no moving parts or internal cables. The LC8200 can also be configured with a hard disk drive. Its compact size, configuration flexibility and exceptional reliability makes the LC8200 ideal for point-of-sale, digital signage, kiosks, drive time and kitchen display applications.

About Logic Controls
Logic Controls, Inc. designs and manufactures point-of-sale (POS) and kitchen video display systems, POS peripherals and industrial computers. Logic Controls offers both integrated POS systems and distributed POS bundles. In the mid-1990s, Logic Controls started to offer kitchen display system hardware when it introduced the Logic Net® products. Logic Net® was originally designed to meet IBM’s restaurant system requirements and was subsequently private labeled by IBM. Logic Controls’ broad POS peripheral product line includes customer pole displays, programmable keyboards, cash drawers, magnetic stripe readers and touch screen monitors. It is known for having the industry’s most popular and reliable customer displays. Logic Controls line of industrial computers are known for being fanless and having ultra-compact form factors.