Over Three Decades of Industry Leadership

For over three decades, Logic Controls has been a leader in producing solutions that redefine consumer experience at the Point of Sale and Kitchen Solutions. Logic Controls provides the Retail and Hospitality Industries with the most advanced technology available on the market today. The company offers a broad portfolio of integrated solutions specializing in small and midsized businesses offered through a wide distribution network that covers over 415,000 points of sale and kitchens in 37 countries. Logic Controls operates two Research & Development centers in different countries that ensure each and every product that comes out of our warehouse is built to perfection and able to equip our customers with the best possible solutions for their industry.

Back to Our Roots

To thrive, not just survive in today’s hyper-competitive landscape, our goal is to show who we are, what we believe in, what our approach is, and the solutions that we provide to all restaurant chains. Yes, slapping up a new logo and calling it a day could have been ideal but to make it prevalent, our new identity had to honor our commitment without abandoning the very vision we started with. Thus, Logic Controls’ new website, new logo and the new tagline was a small attempt (but not the only one of course) towards a new direction.

Know Your Audience

Ultimately a great brand is never the result of a name or logo but wanting to shake things up, we made sure that our personality encompasses both our broad suite of current capabilities as well as our future modernization in this industry. Being responsive, effective, and innovative had to be more than just buzzwords. So here we are. Logic Controls – “Modern Solutions in a Modern World.”

Your Problems Changed, So We Did Too

Underneath this new look, we never strayed away from honoring the spirit of our brand promise as our evolution from a retail-centric POS provider into a global phenomenon became established. As we aligned with the very same values that we present to our clients every day, we thus embarked on the months of planning and preparation for this new launch. Our name will continue to empower businesses and commit to our customers through continuous learning, innovation, integrity, and responsiveness. Get excited because we have some great plans to leverage for the future and more tech to integrate into our platform. 

The Unveiling

Breaking news, our website is so much easier to use (and look at)! Designed with our clients’ needs in mind, the site has a user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality while allowing customers to see the full product portfolio Logic Controls can offer. Helping customers engage in a fresh, interactive and modern way, we’re thrilled about making it easier for users and prospects to better understand Logic Controls as a whole. 

We’re really excited about the future – and you should be too. In the upcoming months, we will be updating our online presence and our content with helpful information, cutting edge industry news, company announcements, and more. We invite you to join our newsletter and celebrate our launch with us and all future endeavors!