Logic Controls KB9000 100% customizable Kitchen Display Bump Bar.

LS8900 Controller

Our popular, durable controller set the standard for long-lasting, reliable performance in restaurant, retail, and commercial applications across the globe.

With a rugged compact design, powerful 6-core processor and support for Android 7 or 10, the LS8900 is equipped to run Kitchen Display and POS systems.

Controllers & Media Players

Solid Specs.

With 6-core powerful processor, SSD Storage up to 128GB,  up to 4GB of RAM, and a rugged durable design, the LS8900 is well-equipped to get the job done, day after day. 


Rugged & Compact.

6-Core, 64-bit Processor

Don’t let the LS8900’s convenient compact design fool you, it’s get some serious specs under the hood. 

With it’s 6-core processing, up to 4GB of RAM, and HDMI-enabled support for 4K video, it’s perfect to power both small and large displays.

Space-Saving Design
The 120mm LC9500 shown compare to the same size of a slice of bread.
Strong, muscled arm with Logic Controls KB9000 Kitchen Display Bump Bar.

Handles the Heat

Heat Resistance Up to 140°F (60°C)

The LS8900 is equipped with a tamper-proof case that’s proven to withstand the heat, grease and humidity kitchen, retail, and industrial environments.

Approved for Harsh Environments

Equipped with the Essentials.

The LS8900 is equipped with all the essentials to thrive in demanding kitchen settings, with a variety of connectivity options to meet diverse needs. 

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