Logic Controls KB9000 100% customizable Kitchen Display Bump Bar.

LS9100 Controller

One of our most powerful and compact controllers, the LS9100 is also built to last, with a rugged, shock-proof, tough-tested case that can handle even the harshest conditions.

With it’s 8-core processor, 16GB RAM capacity, and internal SSD storage up to 256 GB, this fanless workhorse has plenty of power to spare.

Controllers & Media Players

Endless Applications.

With a powerful processor, durable design, ane plenty of storage, the LC9100 has the features you need to power just about any application.


Small, But Mighty.

Powerful 8-Core, 64-bit Processor

Our smallest digital display controller is also our most powerful.

The 8-core, 64-bit processor reaches speeds up to 2.4 GHz, supports up to 8K video and gives this pint-sized powerhouse all the processing power you need to run almost all digital display, touchscreen, or commercial applications. 

Space-Saving Design
The 120mm LC9500 shown compare to the same size of a slice of bread.
Strong, muscled arm with Logic Controls KB9000 Kitchen Display Bump Bar.

Built for Extremes.

Heat Resistance Up to 170°F (77°C)

The LS9100 features a rugged, durable case that’s tested to be tough enough for even the extreme industrial and commercial environments. It’s verified to withstand water, dust, and humidity, and can handle the heat — of temperatures up to 170°F (76°C). 

Approved for Harsh Environments

Versatility, By Design.

With plenty of modern ports to choose from, this single spacing-saving device provides endless possibilities to enhance a new or existing installation.

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