Logic Controls, the leader in producing solutions that redefine consumer experience at the Point of Sale and Kitchen Solutions has now introduced its latest feature in KitchenGo Solutions. When first launching KitchenGo Allee, it became its first-ever independent KDS software developed on an iOS platform. Now expanding its efforts in this industry, we are now showcasing KitchenGo Allee 1.4. Designed with your restaurant in mind, our team took the time to understand what the market is looking for, and ways to challenge this new design with upgraded features and improvements. 

KitchenGo Allee 1.4: What to Expect

Developed with more than 30 years of knowledge in KDS and cutting-edge technologies, KitchenGo Allee empowers restaurant managers with increased control over the food preparation process. With its new features, not only does it streamline workflows but it enables cost-saving controls and greater operational efficiencies. Giving everyone in the kitchen the visibility they need to prepare top-notch meals effortlessly, this new innovation came with major improvements for all restaurant enterprises. 

What we Improved

You had questions and we provided answers to help adjust improvements and integrate this new version seamlessly into an existing kitchen’s workflow.

  • BUMP ALL feature change to CLEAR ALL. It will clear all orders faster when having a great number of orders on the screen.
  • Recipe (able to clear recipe even from expeditor screen)
  • Smart order improvement
  • Resellers are now able to delete stores (secure DELETE)
  • Printing orders when orders transfer
  • Able to SORT stores in back office
  • Default Settings (allows the user to go back to default settings)
  • Reports in Backoficce; Average Time per Item based on Categories
  • Performance
  • Bug fixes.

KitchenGo Allee Version 1.4 Features

When it comes to inefficiencies with food preparation, Logic Controls has equipped you with the right solution to fit your operation in a reliable and seamless way. Choosing KitchenGo Allee 1.4 to complement your iOS restaurant POS system will result in greater efficiency and productivity. It is worth noting that because our KDS integrates seamlessly into an existing kitchen’s workflow, its UI design follows Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) which makes it easy for your employees to be familiar with its user experience and deliver a high level of service. 

Whether you are a high-volume quick service operation or a delivery-based restaurant concept take a look at all the new practical insights you need, at your fingertips:

  • Auto Bump Feature
  • Bump Notification (bump notification consists on sending status of the order to POS, only for TCP/IP)
  • Smart Orders to Condiments XML
  • Customer Display (display orders, status, scroll function, and auto remove orders, custom header information, Control of customer display from all tablets) Customer display is free
  • Fire orders
  • Order Message in XML
  • TCP/IP integration

How Logic Controls Can Help

As you can see, the KitchenGo Allee version 1.4 is a very powerful tool to improve efficiencies in kitchen operations and increase the speed of preparation. It is highly configurable to your business needs and will support the most demanding of kitchen operations. If you are ready to implement this new solution in your business, contact us for a demonstration. We can help you discover how to plan your restaurant’s growth, and which questions you need to ask to make sure this new solution can support your business now and in the future.