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“Remote Configuration” is just one of the many differentiating features included in KitchenGo KDS.

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Do you know that each of your workstations can be set up via the Logic Controls portal?

Reduce travel time and costs with the KitchenGo KDS remote configuration feature.

With this feature you no longer need to rely on the visit of technical staff to set the parameters you need in your stations. You can make the desired settings and even modify the functions of your stations via the Logic Controls portal.

Keep all your information safe on the cloud and access real-time data about number of orders, best-selling products and even the status of each customer’s order.

And not only that! This feature allows for setup on a mass-scale, which means that you can do it in a massive way in all the stations that your business has, in every branch you run.

Discover the possibilities that KDS KitchenGo offers. Optimize your daily operations with our kitchen system and make your business profitable. Interested in learning more? Reach out our sales team today by shooting them an email, or filling out the form to the right, and our team will give you the support you and your business need.