A KDS should be seamless to integrate.

That’s why we have integrations with the worlds leading POS vendors.

Our KDS software products offer integrations with all major POS applications and more. For a full list, Contact us:

FurturePOSMMHayesJonas ClubNorthstar POS
XPRBypassTransactMad MobileLINGA
payroceMobile POSComputritionCenteredgeBepoz


Integrations with many top worldwide POS brands. Contact us to obtain the full list.

colibriXetuxTOTVSWeb Automação
New Choice POSConcept PrimeTW2 Sistemas

Don’t see your integration? We’ve got you covered. Logic Controls is always looking to establish new partnerships, so it’s likely that we are already integrated with your provider. Give us a call or shoot us an email, and we can either confirm the integration, or work to establish a relationship with them to ensure a seamless implementation for your business.

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