The cold winter months are meant for cozy sweaters, warm drinks and indoor activities. Given the circumstances that come with social distancing, the latter isn’t possible for many members of the hospitality industry, who currently have limited seating available inside.

The time of dining in a restaurant with zero restrictions seems like a distant memory, and will become even fainter as seating gets even more limited in the winter months. This limitation comes as a result of outdoor seating being seemingly eliminated due to the cold weather in many places.

Outdoor Seating

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In this article posted by Restaurant Business Online, they discuss how restaurants can prepare for winter by renovating outdoor spaces, upgrading off-premise offerings, and communicating with staff.  Using these tactics will allow businesses to make the best of an uncontrollable situation.

Times of adversity are a chance to thrive. This lack of outdoor seating means that the hospitality industry will have to look towards other potential strengths and enhancing the areas of operations that they can control. In addition to the solutions listed, another effective option is to optimize back-end operations using a kitchen display system (KDS). KDS will allow you to streamline kitchen operations to reduce waste and prep time, which will provide consistent customer satisfaction that keeps them coming back. Implementing a kitchen display system is a short term cost for a long term solution that lasts long past the winter months.

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