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KitchenGo Premium

A Perfectly Timed Kitchen, a Perfect Dining Experience

The KitchenGo Premium software suite is Logic Controls’ next-gen kitchen display system that provides state-of-the-art routing, control, and visibility.

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Win the Kitchen with KitchenGo Allee

KitchenGo Premium: The New Era of Smart Dining Has Begun

A Perfectly Timed Kitchen, a Perfect Dining Experience

The KitchenGo Premium software suite is Logic Controls’ next-gen kitchen display system that provides state-of-the-art routing, control, and visibility. KitchenGo Premium provides unmatched operational efficiency and customer satisfaction—the perfect recipe for a successful restaurant.

The KitchenGo Premium software suite comes with three applications:


Supports routing functions not provided by your point of sale (POS) software and also offers advanced order routing functions and features such as:

  • Station ID and station relationship management
  • Data communication through TCP/IP or folder drop
  • Order filtering
  • Food category setup
  • Individual item setup

For multi-station operations, the Router should be installed and operated on the Expeditor station.

Premium KDS

With Premium KDS, your restaurant will:

  • Eliminate missing orders through automatic data transmission
  • Control food quality and reduce food waste
  • Manage and balance the workloads between stations
  • Prioritize orders by status, destinations, and number of items
  • Integrate with customer engagement solutions
  • Provide on-the-spot training for employees


Statistic generates a variety of reports and quantifies data from your kitchen display system for operational use. Statistic reports include:

  • Total order count
  • Average order number per time slot
  • Average order preparation time
  • Total preparation time
  • Preparation time report (per station or per time period)

With Statistic, you can choose to keep report data for the default of 180 days or customize report retention to align with your individual timeframe.

For a complete KitchenGo Premium feature list or to discuss your KDS application, contact us for information and a demonstration.


Key Features:

A Better Customer Experience

All diners want the same thing: fast, friendly, and efficient service. With KitchenGo Premium, the
dining experience is completely streamlined, sending orders directly to the kitchen. This effective
order management allows for faster, more accurate service, and creates a first-class experience for
every one of your kitchen employees and guests.

Higher Profits

Happier customers mean higher profits. With orders being fulfilled faster and with more accuracy,
your customers will not only spend more but will also return more frequently. Additionally,
streamlined operations allow servers to turn more orders in less time, generating more tips for them,
and more profit for you.

Visibility and Control

The KitchenGo Backoffice app provides real-time data analytics to restaurant managers through the
cloud. Managers can pull kitchen statistics such as workload, delays, and performance whenever and
wherever they need to. This allows bottlenecks to be detected and solved more quickly, so managers
can have a better pulse on their business. For multi-location operations, our backoffice app also
allows executives at the corporate level to get an instant snapshot of their locations kitchen efficiency,
offering valuable forecasting and location monitoring.


A complete KitchenGo Premium system consists of one of the following:

Bump Bar Setup:
• LS8000 KDS Controller
• KB9000/KB1700 Bump Bar
• VGA Monitor
• KitchenGo Premium software suite

Touch Screen Setup:
1. LS8000 KDS Controller
2. LE1015/LE1015W Touch Monitor
3. KitchenGo Premium software suite

The KitchenGo Premium software suite is pre-installed in the LS8000. Order data is transmitted from the POS stations to KitchenGo Premium through an Ethernet network connection and displayed on the monitor. Either a bump bar or a PCAP touch monitor can be used to operate the stations. Kitchen printers can also be connected to the LS8000 to print out tickets in the kitchen for dispatching with the food items.

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KDS Brochure (English)

KDS Brochure (Portuguese)

KDS Brochure (Spanish)



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