The CR1000 retail cash drawer is designed to meet the demanding requirements of retail customers. To assure high reliability the unit is made with an all-metal frame, reinforced with metal beams to support heavy top loads. The unit uses ball bearing slides, normally found only in expensive cash drawers, for smooth and long-lasting operation. Best of all, the CR1000 Series drawers are available at prices that drive superior value.

The CR1000 cash drawer is compact in size, enabling retailers to utilize scarce counter or shelf space for more important functions. The unit makes very efficient use of internal space with the till being almost the same size as those found in larger drawers. Despite its compact size, the cash drawer is rich in features. These features include a wide media slot to allow insertion of unfolded checks horizontally, bottom exit interface cable to avoid cable crushing, separate adjustable bill and coin compartments, breakage resistant bill pressers, drawer open/close sensing switch output, and 3-position key lock.

The CR1000 cash drawer supports OPOS and JPOS. Through the use of Logic Controls’ EasyConnectCable, all major brands of printers including Citizen, Epson, Star, and Ithaca are supported.



  • 16.1in x 16.5in x 3.9in
  • Excellent value and reliable cash drawer
  • Ball bearing slides for smooth and long-lasting operation
  • Separate adjustable bill and coin compartments
  • Two media slots for checks, large bills, and coupons
  • Three position lock for maximum cash security
  • Cash drawer open/close status sensing switch
  • Supports all major brands of Point of Sale printers
  • Rubber feet prevent sliding
  • Available in dark gray



Weight: 17 lbs (7.7 kg)
Dimension (WxHxD): 16.1in x 16.5in x 3.9in (40.8cm x 41.9cm x 9.9cm)
Bill and coin tray: Adjustable slots



CR1000 (control signal from POS printer): 12 to 24 volts DC
Pulse amplitude: 100 to 200 milliseconds
Pulse width: 10% max
Pulse duty cycle


CR1000 (Printer Driven): Connects to Point of Sale printer drive circuit via cable. (cable ordered separately)



CR1000 (Printer Driven): Logic Controls supports most Point of Sale printers. Interface cable ordered separately. Please specify Point of Sale printer type when ordering cables.