The KB9000 is a fully programmable kitchen display bump bar with touch operations. With advanced projected capacitive touch technology, the KB9000 kitchen display bump bar provides reliable and durable touch operations that cannot be achieved with resistive contacts. The user friendly programming software helps users to customize the bump bar layouts to desired number of keys, key locations, key dimensions, and key codes that meet the unique requirement of each application and maximize operation efficiency.



  • Projected capacitive touch operation
  • Easily interchangeable legend sheet
  • User customizable legend sheet with advanced user friendly software
  • Flexible layout: number of keys, key dimensions and key locations
  • USB and PS2 keyboard interface
  • Audio and visual feedback



Key Operations: Projected Capacitive Touch
Number of keys: 64 Maximum
Key code memory: Approx. 1,400 key strokes total
Key layout area: 6.9in x 2.5in (17.5cm x 6.3cm)
Key operation feedback: Audio beep and LED indicator
Reliability: > 30 million touch operations
Net weight without bracket: 0.59 lbs (0.27 kg)
Net weight with bracket: 1.17 lbs (0.53 kg)
Dimension without bracket (W x D x H): 8.5in x 3.5in x 1.0in (21.5cm x 8.9cm x 2.5cm)
Dimension with bracket attached (W x D x H): 8.5in x 4.2in x 2.5in (21.5cm x 10.6cm x 6.3cm)
Mounting options: Angle bracket and VESA mounting 2.9in (7.4cm)



Input voltage: 5VDC
Current consumption: 12mA max, 80mA nominal



Operating temperature: 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 50°C)
Relative humidity: 80% max, non-condensing



PS/2: RJ-to-PS/2 or RJ-to-RJ cable (for LS6000/LS6100)
USB: RJ-to-USB (Type A)