Are you losing kds deals?

Are you losing deals because your manufacturers are not flexible, or they are too expensiveTimes are changing, and as consumer demand gets back to the ‘new normal’ due to the pandemic, manufacturers need to adapt 

Do you find asking yourself these questions? 

  • The KDS solution I’m providing isn’t economical for me or my customers 
  • The manufacturer of my KDS solution is not flexible enough on making deals happen 
  • The quality just isn’t up to par 
  • The solution is getting old, it’s based on outdated technology 
  • The manufacturer I work with has poor post sale support 
  • The KDS solution I sell no longer has the features my customers are looking for 

Did we miss anything? 

Some manufacturers are not only too expensive, buthey are also lower in quality. Some businesses are even turning away from their current providers as they continue to raise prices, or even worse, neglect the resellers they do business with. 

The future kitchen is here. We have designed a KDS solution that has the features that matter. No more, no less. We’ve worked in some of the busiest kitchens, and we have analyzed restaurant operations to an exhaustive level and included this knowledge in our platform using the latest technology. And since we listen to our customers, new useful features are added regularlyThis is why Logic Controls KDS products are used worldwide on over 500k stations daily. 

Does this resonate with you and your business? If it does, let’s talk. We offer industry leading end-to-end KDS Hardware/Software solutions with superior post sale support that are used by some of the biggest brands. We work with you throughout the deal to make sure that you get it. 

Time for change
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Make the change. we can help.

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Let us help you make those deals you’ve been wanting. Logic Controls is a pioneer in the KDS business, we know kitchens and our hardware and software solutions are used by the biggest brands worldwide.

When you win, we win.

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