Open for Business2020 was difficult for everyone, and the restaurant industry was not spared. With millions out of work and nearly 100,000 restaurants closing, the industry took a hard hit. $165 billion in revenue was lost just from March to July, and it’s estimated to be $240 billion by the end of the year, according to the National Restaurant Association.

One of the ways Logic Controls is assisting the restaurant industry recover (In particular to this article is item 3), is showing how a Kitchen Display System (KDS) can streamline businesses and ultimately save money, which in turn gives struggling business more runway to stay afloat.  Even though there is an initial capital investment in the system, customers are surprised to find that the investment is low and pays itself off in a matter of a few months depending on the size of the business.

Since online, and curbside delivery is an important aspect in today’s business survival, a KDS is critical to the success of adapting to this change. Accurate orders, delivery on-time, and providing an exceptional customer experience is key to survive.

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