April 03, 2009. New Hyde Park, NY. – Looking at the growth of contactless payments and transactions, Logic Controls has developed a ground-breaking concept for its current top-selling display product – an innovative RFID pole display. Integrating the market proven LD9000 pole display with a contactless reader and MSR, this revolutionary product offers the best combination of peripherals to meet retailers’ needs. The exceptional reliability, simple cable management and the convenient transactions experience make it an excellent choice for use in the high demand point-of-sale/service environments.

Reliable peripherals
Logic Controls LD9000 is widely known as the market leader for POS systems. It is a 2×20 line, 9.5mm character height display, complete with smart scrolling, user-definable characters, and a wide variety of interfaces. The user friendly contactless reader reads contactless cards/tags and supports major credit card companies including American Express, Discover, Master Card and Visa. The programmable MSR uses the latest technology that provides reliability and speed that is superior to other products. Its reading head lasts longer than 1 million cycles and can read bi-directional swipes.

Integrated technology
The RFID contactless reader, along with a 2-track MSR, is seamlessly integrated onto Logic Controls LD9000 pole display. This three-in-one peripheral offers simplified cable management by using one single connection to your POS system. The advanced management not only eliminates the unsightly cable problems but also helps retailers to save their counter space. This contemporary and efficient design is pleasing to both retailers and customers on every level.

Improves customer access
Retailers are able to offer easy transactions with an efficient and secure checkout experience for their customers. All three customer facing peripherals keep the control of the credit card in the customer¡¦s hands and provides a real-time view of the transactions. With this single purchase, the retailer does not have to be concerned about what type of credit card the customer is using. Be it Contactless RFID or magnetic stripe, the retailer will always be prepared.

About Logic Controls
Logic Controls, Inc. designs and manufactures point-of-sale (POS) and kitchen video display systems, POS peripherals and industrial computers. Logic Controls offers both integrated POS systems and distributed POS bundles. In the mid-1990s, Logic Controls started to offer kitchen display system hardware when it introduced the Logic Net® products. Logic Net® was originally designed to meet IBM’s restaurant system requirements and was subsequently private labeled by IBM. Logic Controls’ broad POS peripheral product line includes customer pole displays, programmable keyboards, cash drawers, magnetic stripe readers and touch screen monitors. It is known for having the industry’s most popular and reliable customer displays. Logic Controls line of industrial computers are known for being fanless and having ultra-compact form factors.