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No more delays

We know how stressful can be to have a lot of orders to deliver and little time to get things organized. This is even heavier when you receive special orders or orders that require more attention. A quick and efficient feedback is key to ensure and maintain customer service and satisfaction. In fact, restaurants are not only distinguished by the dishes they offer. The guest experience that is achieved is key for customers to trust, come back for more and recommend you.

Because we understand that you may have this challenge in your establishment, we developed the Rush on the Fly feature that allows you to mark an order as rush and instantly send it to the KDS to start processing in the kitchen, ensuring that the order is prepared and served quickly. This feature is especially useful for restaurants that need to serve orders to customers who are in a hurry, as well as to deliver orders that have been forgotten. With Rush on the Fly, you can give each order the priority it deserves, especially when there is a large volume of orders, and you need to ensure that all orders are served quickly and efficiently.