KitchenGo KDS has the recipes in the application

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Releasing new recipes? Have an influx of new hires? 

The hospitality industry is getting back on its feet, and with this increase in business comes an increased need for new hires and products to keep up with these fast-paced changes.

“Recipes in App” is a feature present in KitchenGo KDS that allows the user to view the recipe in the app, in real-time. This ability eliminates order variance and improves product consistency across locations.

recipes in app on the KitchenGo KDS Premium Order Display Page

KitchenGo Premium allows for recipe visibility on the KDS station display screen, making for easy training for new hires and new recipe implementation.

This increased consistency simplifies the training process for new hires, reducing the learning curve and knowledge gaps that newly onboarded staff typically face.

This reduces additional costs that come with training, such as…

  • additional staffing
  • extended order wait time
  • inventory loss due to mistakes

This simplification of the training process also applies to new product introductions, which if introduced incorrectly to staff, can create a discrepancy in product output and wait times for drive-thrus and QSR establishments. 

Recipes in app on the KitchenGo KDS Allee Order Display Screen

KitchenGo Allee is Logic Control’s iOS compatible KDS software. Like Premium, it allows for recipe visibility on the KDS station display screen.

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