When designing a partner program it is important to keep it simple and easy to use. Originally Logic Controls designed one Partner program with separate tears to cover both the ISV and VAR markets. Based on your feedback our ever-evolving program has been restructured to meet your needs.

The program will be broken into two separate categories going forward:

Software (ISV) Partners (Old Certified Partners)

Our Software Partners Program will focus exclusively on our ISVs and offer specific benefits geared to their success. We have expanded the services we provide and now offer personal consultations (in phone or possibly in person) on top of our existing programs. All program benefits will remain in tact. Going forward the ISV Partners will be listed on a separate page with the Premium listings. All Leads funneled through the program will be given to Software Partners based on how involved the Partner has chosen to be with LC during the process.

New VAR Partners (Old Developer Partners)
1. Going forward only VARs who sell Software of our ISV Partners will be allowed into the program.
2. VARs who represent an ISV Partner will be granted our Premium Customer service level even without being part of the program.
3. Monthly coaching calls with VARs who are involved in presenting Logic Controls products; a direct contact within the company with the Partner Program manager.
4. Will now receive Premium Listings instead of just logos.
5. Much more… See https://logiccontrols.com/partners for details.

Internet Resellers (Old Solution Partners)
Internet Resellers will be listed a separate web page with a premium listing. Internet Resellers will no longer receive the Rewards benefits. Unfortunately due to the nature of these businesses they do not fit the Logic Controls partnership model.