Between the cooks, servers, and other staff, the kitchen can be a focal point for activity. An organized system must be in place to make sure everything for the customer is perfect once the food gets to their table and that’s where Logic Controls comes in. As an industry leader in leading business automation systems, our kitchen display bump bars perform in even the asperous conditions as it helps boost efficiency while presenting the perfect display. Designed with the back-of-the-house in mind, the KB1700 kitchen display bump bar is one of the most popular programmable kitchen bump bars on the market today. 

Why Choose KB1700?

Installed in restaurants around the world, the KB1700 kitchen display bump is built to withstand the most demanding requirements of kitchen systems and other industrial applications. Not only does this industrial bump bar support a full set of alphanumeric, control, function, and international output codes, but it has touch warranties that outperform even our greatest competitions. Our team took some time in designing the KB1700 to meet the increasing demands for higher reliable kitchen automation operations. And with it being one of the easiest and most programmable kitchen bump bars on the market, the KB1700 will simplify order management and get accurate orders to your guests using a powerful Windows-based programming utility. 

Whether it’s an incoming order online or at the table, check out all the leading-edge features the KB1700 has to offer.

 KB1700 Features: 

  • Fully downward compatible with the IBM Bump Bar
  • All 17 tactile keys are programmable, up to 1800 characters per key 
  • Keypad I/O ports allow daisy-chaining of input devices
  • Programmable inter-string delay
  • High quality, stainless steel dome disk switches
  • Standard computer 101 keyboard output data format
  • Output data set includes all alphanumeric, controls, and function codes
  • Optional international output codes (Alt-Number)
  • True keyboard wedge function, operates with or without computer keypad
  • Internal beeper
  • No programming accessory kit, TSR program, or battery required
  • Available with RS232C output

How can Logic Controls help?

When it comes to restaurant and hospitality software, it’s important to partner with companies that will help improve restaurant operations seamlessly. With immediate, accurate communication between servers and kitchen staff, Logic Controls created the perfect solution to ensure service is speeding up. Learn more about how effective, trustworthy, reliable the KB1700 kitchen display bump bar and see this feature in action by contacting our solutions experts here.