Now with 2020 in full swing, what’s next you ask? We clarified where we were, showed you how we got there, and now we have arrived. Revisioned our entire company and rearranged our perception in this industry we are off to our next big destination. Whether it’s a local or global event, you will finally get a closer look at where our team will be leading the change in business automation systems. 

The Move

With today’s rapid pace of change and the blurred line between restaurants and tech companies, innovation is becoming a driving strategy in a business’s success. Restaurant owners are now looking into their operations to see what can be enhanced, what can be cut out, and what can be revolutionized. And now with our new name and visual identity, Logic Controls is ready to deliver and release our newest solutions at MURTEC, the place to be for all things (you guessed it) restaurant technology innovations. 

2019 vs 2020

To make sure we are ahead of the curve, we got to learn about the trends storming the multi-unit restaurant tech industry last year and what trends to expect in MURTEC 2020. Here’s what we discovered from 2019: 

  1. Business decisions are now driven by data, and AI is here to help.
  2. Deploying tech solutions through a cloud-based platform is not as involved as it used to be.
  3. Restaurants are beginning to accept that communication-specific solutions are key for engagement and retention.

MURTEC attracts large enterprise restaurant groups with many smart restaurateurs, who deal with a multitude of locations and a disengaged workforce. With MURTEC 2020 underway, we expect there to be more focus on more collaboration between tech companies servicing the restaurant industry in hopes of creating a more prosperous digital ecosystem. 

Addressing the Change

As a pioneer in hospitality and retail technology, we’re honored and excited to join in this year’s conversation at this leading event. Showcasing our newest products in POS and KDS for demonstration, we are taking steps in 2020 to ensure we continue to serve and strengthen businesses through our solutions, innovation, and outstanding customer service. Buzzing with interest, if you are ready to learn more about our new tech and how it can benefit your business? Catch us at a booth near you or click here for all our events: