kitchen back end food prep station with chef and waiterThe future of the restaurant business is the integration of technology. Due to the pandemic, however, the future has come early for restaurants who have already began to optimize their back-end operations. This comes from a need to better maneuver online orders from various platforms while still following safety regulations.

In this Restaurant Business Online article, they share how the use of technology and kitchen automation has allowed for more effective and safe production. Implementing new software to streamline kitchen operations, re-designing staff functions, and robotics are just a few ways that businesses have been successfully streamlining orders. This development is especially important in the middle of a pandemic, and will likely be carried over into a post-pandemic world.

One of the most technologically advanced kitchen concepts is the “ghost kitchen”. This is essentially a “delivery-only” restaurant, meaning that the need for a front end staff is completely eliminated.

This business model, as well as others that are technology-based, are completely reliant on a successfully run kitchen. Streamlining operations is important, and can be difficult to manage when there are multiple third-party delivery services involved.

This is where kitchen display systems (KDS) come in. KDS is a cost efficient software that allows these businesses to streamline orders to reduce waste, cut costs on production and create a consistent customer experience that will keep them coming back.

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