Pizza Delivery and Pickup Services on a BikeWith 66% of consumers anticipating the continued use of pickup and delivery services after in-house dining resumes, how can you ensure your business continues to meet these needs? 

2020 has forced the restaurant industry to revolutionize its promotional tactics, day to day operations and business strategies overall to stay in the black. Though there seems to be a means to the end coming soon, a lot of these newly adapted practices will be here to stay.

In this article posted on Restaurant Business Online, they discuss how to ensure safety, speed and the do’s and dont’s in promoting takeout and delivery services to optimize revenue in a mid and post-pandemic market. At Logic Controls, we believe the first step in success is to perfect the “behind the scenes” of business operations. Optimizing kitchen performance is the easiest and most efficient way to run a smooth operating business that will keep customers coming back, no matter how busy your kitchen gets.

While this might sound a lot easier said than done, it doesn’t have to be. Implementing a kitchen display system (KDS) allows you to streamline orders, reduces prep time, and protect against waste so that you can ensure that the customer has a consistent and positive experience every visit, whether it be in-house or through a third-party delivery or pickup service.

With a vaccine on the way, and the practices of the pandemic hopefully becoming a distant memory, optimizing and streamlining your kitchen operations is the best solution to coming out on top long term. Thanks to a minimal capital outlay, your KDS will ROI within months, and provide you with the stability and growth to survive and thrive past the pandemic.

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