Real-time data analytics KDS kitchengo software feature spotlight for back end operations

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Looking to track customer satisfaction & manage back-end operations, but don’t have the time to track it manually?

KitchenGo KDS tracks real-time analytics. In doing so, this feature allows you to monitor each location in your enterprise down to the station. This allows you to identify bottlenecks and location performance so decisions can be made using real data – no guessing.

KitchenGo Metrics

Data is gold. KitchenGo KDS supplies the data you need in order to make informed decisions.

Unlike other solutions, you can utilize these reports even when offline, providing metrics to optimize operations even when faced with unforeseen circumstances that would ordinarily cause operations to halt. 

You also have the ability to customize your analytics in real-time. This is an essential function for enterprises to “mom and pop” establishments alike, as it allows for split-second changes necessary to match the fast-paced environment of your kitchen. With this valuable data, you can monitor and manage your establishment whenever, and wherever. 

In doing so, you can:

  • reduce food waste 
  • increase customer satisfaction
  • better manage customer orders 
  • track orders in real-time no matter your location
  • & much more…

Accidents happen, and unexpected challenges arise all the time, especially in the hospitality industry. In an industry as cut-throat as hospitality is, those who see success and those who fall behind is determined by who has the most organization and resourcefulness. With KitchenGo KDS, increase your organization and understanding of the needs of your clientele and back-end operations, all while remaining cost-effective.

Technology is the future of back-end operations, and our team is trained to support you from start to finish with hassle-free integration and superior post-sale support. We see your success as our own- let us help you to ensure that your operations stay ahead of the curve, and your business successful.

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